Forex market economic calendar PaxForex

Forex Calendar Basics
Today, very many people want to start making money on the currency market. But it is
impossible to do this without understanding the situation. There is a list of events that can
significantly affect the movement of quotations. In order to structure all of them, the economic
calendar Forex is intended. Do not immediately think that you cannot figure it out. In fact,
everything here is simple. It is enough to look at the calendar only once.
Why is it important for you?
It is impossible to imagine any successful trader who would not use this effective tool. That’s
why forex market economic calendar PaxForex must definitely be in the center of attention. It
allows you to predict the future movement of the market. That is why it is often made for several
weeks or a month ahead. If you look at the available methods of analysis, they can be divided
- Fundamental
- Technical
In the first case, the focus is on events that occur in the World. Beginners often pay attention
only to technical analysis. They look at the charts and suggest where to go next, but this is a
serious mistake. It is necessary to use both analyzes skillfully. And in order to do this, you need
to view the Forex calendar at least from time to time.
How to choose the right option?
First of all, you should choose one that varies depending on your time zone. This is necessary so
that you can quickly navigate and not confuse the moment when there will be a certain event. In
this case, you can configure everything once, and the system will automatically save all your
In order for you to understand events, not to confuse them with anything, you need a normal
translation into your language. Very often you can get confused in the names of events.
Especially if you are just starting to trade and do not understand English well.
It is important that a clear chronology of upcoming news is observed. Otherwise the Forex
calendar will not make any sense. You will have to finish the work yourself, which the developer
has not managed to do.
If you are looking for a really high-quality option, then it should be updated in an automatic
mode. Even if you forget to refresh the page, you will still see an event that may happen in the
near future. You will already work with many tabs, terminals, so you can skip important
What else should I pay attention to?
An important feature of the economic Forex calendar is that it can rank events depending on the
importance. Usually the gradation is from one to three. The most important is the last option.
This can be, for example, changing the key rate. And the calendar on Forex will have to inform
you about such an important event. But on news with the last priority of importance, it is better
not to pay attention, since you simply digress from more important matters.
What can you say in conclusion?
Today you can choose such a Forex calendar, which is optimal for solving your problem. Also
today, very often their compilers indicate the forecast for the outcome of a particular event. This
is very convenient, because a serious deviation from the forecasted data may lead to the market
showing a strong movement. It can often be observed that several calendars have different

strengths. That's why professional traders use several options at once. So be sure to test
everything, and then select the most suitable tools and combine them. Paxforex is a source with
trustable repute, so it should definitely be used by traders, who are interested in reliable income.