Forex economic calendar

Main economic events in the financial markets
Trading in financial markets is a very risky and lucrative activity, therefore it is necessary to take into
account the data of theForex economic calendar. You should conduct all your transactions after
careful selection of indicators, news, analytical releases, reports. Usually, beginning traders often lose
money due to lack of experience. Those who are aware of news events will always be ahead.
To unexpected turns of the financial markets it is necessary to be ready. Only after studying the ribbon
of theeconomic calendar of Forex can you make transactions. So you will save and increase your
deposit. Many brokers have their own page with economic indicators and news, try to take advantage
of this. After all, the currency market is very volatile, try not to get in the period of important news.
Walk through the page and get acquainted with the time when there will be the strongest movements.
Such sharp changes in the trend include:
 Speeches of heads of state, politicians, the Central Bank, representatives of corporations.
 Output of consumption, construction, business activity indices.
 Sales of secondary and primary housing.
 Reserves of oil and gold.
 Review of unemployment.
 The volume of exports and imports.

A lot of factors influence the outcome of trading sessions on Forex and the stock market. Choosing a
currency pair, you need to clarify on it, what important moments will occur today or in another time
What does the economic calendar show?
Do not neglect the useful advice of well-known financiers,Forex economic calendar, which reports
the exact time of events. Knowing the valuable information, you can competently plan your strategy
and get a good profit. Some traders specifically wait for the release of important news, when there is a
strong price movement. And if you get into the trend you can very quickly win a large sum. Only with
such tactics you need to be careful not to lose.
Lovers of calm trade can also earn a stable income without unnecessary nerves and worries. Trade in a
certain price channel is the best option for doing business without risks. To do this, you need to
understand that in the next period of time there will not be a trend change, a big difference in price.
You can find out about upcoming events using the main parameters:
 Set the date, view the scheduled reports for the day, week, month.
 To study certain events in time, for an hour or more.
 Choose your own category of volatility.
 Indicate the country, currency.

After the settings, everything will become clear and you will be able to freely test your strategies in
practice from the selected broker. Demo accounts are often provided where you can practice and gain
How to use the economic calendar
Before work, set up theForex economic calendar according to your time, time zone, to avoid
mistakes. The degree of influence of publication is shown in the form of certain icons. For example, for
very important events, the number is indicated by the maximum number, three characters. With weak
news, when the market remains almost unchanged, we see one designation. This is needed for traders

who lead a different way of trading. Some participants like the aggressive method of bidding, and
others are more quiet trades.
Designed to determine the forecasts and make the right decision. In just a few minutes you will be able
to correctly assess the situation in the financial market, will be aware of the possible movement or
flatten. Go always in step with the trend and be successful.