Forex calendar

What is a Forex calendar? It is a calendar with which you can see not only the current state of
affairs in the foreign exchange market, but also see forecasts or trade a few months ago. Simply
put, it represents the analyst of the market by days.
Its advantage is the display is not one for the whole day, but every 15 to 30 minutes, which is
very convenient. On different sites, calendars may differ slightly. There are several differences:
• Notifications. With some brokers, you can configure notifications. This can be done for any
position. As soon as the index of a currency pair, metal or shares change, you will receive an
alert. This is a handy feature in order not to miss important events
• Availability of graphs. For any event, you can see a graph that displays a detailed movement,
both a few days in advance, and past data. On it, you can mark the most important points and
save them for your analysis.
• Internal calendar for the client. You can use the economic calendar, as well as create your own
personal, on which you can track events convenient for you, without unnecessary information.
Typically, experienced traders use several calendars from different suppliers for more accurate
What is the Forex calendar
It looks like a huge table with several indicators. In it you will find the following items: index,
inflation, trade data, political events, unemployment rate in countries, holidays. For each, the
actual data, forecast and archive of events are indicated. You need to select the area of ​​interest
and start trading. So what does each indicator represent and how does it affect the history of

This is the average for each country, which includes the cost of materials, raw materials, services
and finished products. If the index grows, it is conventionally called 'Bull', at a low - 'Bear'. It
affects the Forex trading so that if there is a decrease in value, it means a fall in the local
Trade data
They indicate the volumes of wholesale sales for export and the derivation of the balance. If the
figure is positive, it means that the demand for currency will grow, otherwise this commodity,
like finance, is not in demand by investors.

Political news
It is important for the stability of the country, the growth of development, the lack of
unemployment. And for this, the table shows the holding of referendums, elections, speeches and
press conferences of the head of state. It is necessary for investors to be sure that they will not
fail. A developing country that has no conflicts with its neighbors.


According to statistics, contrary to the graphs and forecasts, trade is increasing during the
holidays. For example, for the New Year, you can make good money. But there is an important
secret of experienced traders - it's buying a couple of days before the holiday. Important
successful holidays for trade - Christmas, All Saints Day, Easter Monday, Independence Day,
Thanksgiving Day, Columbus Day. Each trader with experience will find a suitable day for
himself, because everything is individual.

Follow the analysis of brokers
At the beginning of trade, it is advisable to use an economic calendar. He will help you in your
endeavors. Each broker provides its own schedule, but for analysis, monitor on several sites.
Because calendars have differences. They are insignificant, but pleasant tips and trivia will help
you make profitable transactions, bringing a stable impressive income.